Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Products

As an exclusive distributor of ScienceBeam in the Philippines, PROBOT offers electrophysiology system products with analytic software that can benefit psychology centers, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers as well as research facilities.


eWave is a system for recording electroencephalography and other biological signals, such as EMG, ECG, EOG (EXG), which provides a very low noise and high quality recording.


Ability to perform neurofeedback and biofeedback

Noise removal, automatic and manual control

Recording with HPF:1 and LPF:400

Ability to record via wireless and USB

24-Channel recording cap

Compatible with NeuroGuide software for QEEG recording

Ability to display and record ECG simultaneously

Uses a powerful and user friendly software called "eProbe"

Ability to transfer data to other signal analysis software

Ability to record ERP accurately

Portable and lightweight

Uses rechargeable battery