PROBOT is a professional robotics company that brings together experts and researchers across the globe to transform ideas into sustainable robotics products and provides a creative learning environment for innovative minds.


To provide professional robotics solutions for technological advancements and artificial Intelligence toward high-quality life.


To enhance the creativity and innovation in robotics by research and development.


To empower sustainability and productivity through robotics initiatives.


To become the leading company in the Philippines for transition into robotics and industry 4.0 within five years.


Robotics Courses

  • We offer robotics training, for educators of all ages to explore the robotics field from intermediate to advanced levels. Our goal is to use robotics as an essential tool of learning in the classroom and introduce students to the field of Robotics and stimulate their interests in science and engineering through the participation of the entire engineering design process.

Train the Trainers

  • We conduct special train trainer's workshops and seminars with hands-on activities for teachers and faculties to learn robotics for education. We also help schools and institutions with a specialized syllabus and curriculum based on their needs to embed robotics subjects in their programs.

Skill Competition

  • WorldSkills organizes the world championships of vocational skills and is held every two years in different parts of the world. The organization, which also hosts conferences about vocational skills, describes itself as the global hub for skills.

  • PROBOT provides special training for the world ASEAN Skill Competition that enhances students' logical thinking abilities and solutions providing for real-world problems.

Smart Idea

PROBOT has a team of experts that can support various innovative and creative robotics projects and ideas.

The company also offers partnerships with schools and other educational or training institutions for R&D projects that involve robotics transformation.