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Educational Products

The educational robotics series of PROBOT is designed by experts to make robotics technology accessible, affordable, and easy to understand for everyone.

The educational robotics packages have a complete guide for teachers with lessons and books to be adopted by schools. We also offer train trainers and specialized curriculum for schools and institutions based on their needs to embed robotics subjects in their programs.

The 8 Learning Events Model(8-LEM) 

The 8 Learning Events Model (8-LEM)- 21st century technologies- PROBOT-0 (Medium).jpg
The 8 Learning Events Model (8-LEM)- 21st century technologies- PROBOT-1 (Large).jpg
5 Teaching Phase
with 21st Century Technology
5 Teaching Phases with 21st Century Technologies- PROBOT 2.jpg

Educational Robotics

Students will learn the fundamentals of robotics and familiarize educators with the concepts of mobile robots, such as line following, obstacle avoidance, and more. These mobile robots mimic more than 26 industrial applications, such as loading and unloading items in warehouses, robotics arms with various grippers, picking and placing items from production lines, and more.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The A.I. Starter and Advanced Kits are designed for students to explore the field of A.I. and apply their knowledge in various applications. In addition, students can expand their knowledge with the advanced A.I. series equipped with cameras which makes them perfect for advanced applications, for instance, face detection, image processing, color recognition, and more.

Home Automation, Smart City

This series of educational kits simulate the smart home and smart city concepts through specific cases and guides students to learn mechanical, electronic and software-related knowledge. This can also improve the students' observation skills, hands-on ability, and logical thinking.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Educational kit is designed to let students explore the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology with hands-on activities. It provides sensors and modules to learn programming control capabilities, logical thinking, and problem-solving ability in daily life and improve students' comprehensive scientific and engineering literacy in extensive practice.

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