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The Best 8 Websites to Get Internship and Job Experience

The Best 8 Websites to get Internship and Job Experience There are different approaches for job seekers to apply for internships and start their careers. One of the common ways is to rely on personal referrals through friends and families; however, this might not lead them to the targeting companies they are fancy about. Online searches could be more beneficial despite the competitive environment. It may lead them to better opportunities which could turn into a fruitful career. Several websites offer internships, and still, some are virtual, which could be desirable for many candidates. Here is the list of 8 popular websites that can be helpful.

1. LinkedIn It's advisable to use LinkedIn to look for internships; additionally, you'd better build your profile and reach out to people you know. Another aspect of LinkedIn is to get to know the environment you are about to do your internship by reviewing other people's recommendations and reviews. This is a user-friendly environment, and all you have to do is search for an internship on the top of the page in the search box; further, you can filter the results by location, etc. One of the advantages of LinkedIn is to find out whether your contacts work at a company or if they know people who work there.


Glassdoor gets its internship listings from numerous sources, including company websites, businesses, organizations, and directly from employers. However, its foremost attraction is that it offers a quick way to search for salaries, company reviews, and varieties of job interviews. Its interface is straightforward, though the salary and review functions don't always display smaller companies.


Internship website is free for employers to list positions. In addition, it provides valuable information to see which of your Facebook friends connect to a company and if they are still working there or used to be, which leads you to a better source of feedback in decision-making.


wayup website concentrates on internships and entry-level jobs up to two years after graduation. This website will notify you when there are new internships in the area of your interest are posted. Additionally, it provides employers to post up to ten listings free of charge.


Virtual Internship website is the one you want to fill an application for. They work with Universities, K-12 Schools, Governments, Education Institutions, and Corporates to accommodate students, graduates, or employees with plans that incorporate professional development programs, coaching, and guaranteed remote work placements in 70+ countries.


Idealist is an excellent site for internships and jobs in the non-profit sector. It works as a non-profit; it has listings for organizations worldwide. The site currently lists more than 2,000 internships worldwide. It also provides many Volunteer Opportunities.

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Global Experiences offers internships where interns spend instead of getting funded. The advantage is it facilitates a genuine work experience in foreign cities. International Experiences works in fifteen cities—Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Galway, London, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris, Rome, San Jose, Sydney, Washington D.C. It also provides a Virtual internship

8. The Intern Group | Internships Abroad | Global Remote Internships


InternGroup provides internship experience and industry exposure globally in different countries; furthermore, the website offers you to build your career virtually, which enables you to gain professional experience in a selected career field.

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